Philanthropy is one of Peerage Capital’s core values. We admire, encourage and support our partner’s and employees philanthropic efforts. Peerage Capital’s founder, Chairman and CEO Miles Nadal has made a life long commitment to inspire others through his philanthropic generosity. The single motivating factor behind Miles’ success is his desire to make a difference in the world. He is driven to help improve lives through his commitment to initiatives that strengthen communities, children’s welfare, health care, and education.

“A hundred years from now it will not matter what my bank account was, the sort of house I lived in, or the kind of car I drove… but the world may be different because I was important in the life of a child.”

-Forest E. Witcraft, Teacher, Scholar


Miles’ mission is to provide funding for inspirational initiatives that make an impact in the communities they serve by giving what’s needed to build upon visions and achieve dreams. As a young boy, Miles was able to attend summer camp at the Bloor Street Jewish Community Centre thanks to the generosity of a sponsor, and his experience there is the inspiration for his strong support of community programs and philanthropy initiatives. Miles’ childhood was positively influenced by those whose generosity gave him opportunities he otherwise wouldn’t have had. Providing safe spaces and access to programs that improve chances for success, Miles is devoted to bringing hope, health and opportunity to children and youth in communities around the world.

“Much of what I’ve done in my life began with people telling me it couldn’t be done and that I was crazy for even trying. But dreaming big has always been my way; everything I do is about championing people who may not have means but do have a vision and just need someone to give them the opportunity to make it happen.”

-Miles S. Nadal

“Peerage is the epitome of entrepreneurial spirit and has consistently supported and encouraged Baker’s tradition of thinking outside the box. This has resulted in Baker taking bold steps in technology innovation, increasing sales and tremendous growth in revenue.”

Barbara Lawlor,
CEO and President,
Baker Real Estate Incorporated, Brokerage

“Peerage Capital has had a dramatic influence on cultivating an entrepreneurial spirit and focus at Chestnut Park. There is a pervasive encouragement to grow, but on our terms and time lines. Success is recognized and rewarded. Help is available if needed. Peerage proveds the perfect combination of independence and security.”

Chris Kapches,
LLB, President and CEO, Broker of Record,
Chestnut Park Real Estate Limited, Brokerage

“We were looking for a like-minded group to partner with to assist with our continued success. We found that in Peerage Realty Partners. We remain independent and retain our identity while being able to take advantage of the benefits of being part of the Peerage Realty Partners group.”

Catherine Deluce,
Founder and Chair,
Chestnut Park Real Estate Limited, Brokerage

“From the inception of our partnership, Peerage made it clear by both their words and actions that while they would always be available to discuss business strategies or financial assistance, they trusted us to manage our company competently, ethically and efficiently. They are partners in every sense of the word.”

Michael Schaenen,
Senior Partner,
ARS Investment Partners,

“Peerage provided us with all the resources and support to allow us to grow at lightning speed and with precision. Partnering with Peerage Capital has made us a force to be reckoned with in the real estate industry.”

Mary Johnson,
Vice President,
StreetCity Realty Inc., Brokerage

“Peerage Capital provides ARS Investment Partners with the right balance of operating autonomy and strategic support. Peerage recognizes and respects the expertise and judgment of the ARS management team, and allow us to do what we do best.”

Stephen Burke,
Managing Partner,
ARS Investment Partners

“Through our partnership with Peerage we are able to retain our independence while benefitting from the support of their seasoned senior management team and having access to Peerage’s valuable network.”

Rob Furse,
Echelon Wealth Partners


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