Entrepreneurship lies at the very heart of Peerage Capital. It’s one of the principal qualities that we look for and support in all our partners. Peerage founder and chairman, Miles Nadal, supports a number of initiatives that foster the development of young entrepreneurs in particular.

For that reason, Miles signed up as a Presenting Sponsor for the 35th annual National Business Book Award. Every year, the NBBA celebrates an author who has written about business issues, leaders and entrepreneurs from a uniquely Canadian perspective.

In a recent interview, Miles noted: “It has never been more important to learn from the experiences of the Canadian entrepreneurs and business leaders who have preceded us. We need to focus on the opportunities and where to find them in the face of big challenges, such as the current environment. The stories told by NBBA authors help us to position for the future.”

Here are his remarks to the 2020 virtual NBBA event: